“My Passion is Secondary Only to My Commitment to My Clients.”

– Michael Hildebrand

In-Home Functional Mobility and Corrective Exercise Programs

My vision for fitness has always been more that just losing weight or lifting weights…
 After retiring from the Navy in 2001, I worked at different gyms and quickly found my passion working with clients with physical issues and debilitating diseases. Management and members noticed my unique ability to work with clients struggling with Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, After Stroke Care and Chronic Joint Pain

It wasn’t long before I created Dynamic Transition. A place for those who struggled with daily activities but had hope that even with their limited capabilities they would one day be able to regain and maintain their dignity and independence.

My training method is built around the unique abilities and goals of each one of my clients, with the aim of not only achieving goals, but also enriching lives. I discovered that thru basic functional movements and an understanding of my clients challenges that I could create an individual program for each and increase their understanding of functional movements.

Serving Peninsula and Williamsburg, VA



“In 2017, my 97 year old dad needed help. Having been disabled by two serious strokes, he was wheel chair bound and could do very little for himself. He had maxed out of his home PT/OT that Medicare paid for and I was not physically able to transport him to any treatment outside his home. My dad wanted to improve and struggled to remain positive. I was so grateful for my dad’s attitude. Then a Kiwanis friend of mine told me about Mike Hildebrand and we gave him a try.

The first difference I noticed was that every other physical and occupational therapist spent half of their time recording data for medicare/insurance requirements on their computers. Mike spent 100% of his time working with my dad. Working with Mike became the high point of my dad’s day.

Mike was reliable, always on time and kept me informed. Instead of sending me pages and pages of repetitive notes, he would send me a 15 second video of my dad crossing his legs for the first time in over a year.

I recently said to Mike at a Kiwanis meeting, “the bad news is that Mike does not accept Medicare and insurance, the good news is that Mike does not accept Medicare or insurance.”

Teresa G.

“I saw a post of yours on Facebook and I am so glad that I inquired about your services. From our first contact to now more than 3 months into therapy with mom, we have been extremely pleased and impressed with Michael’s extensive therapy knowledge and professionalism. He has genuine desire to help improve moms daily life and is continually researching her mobility limitations and condition and making recommendations about holistic and traditional medicine avenues for us to explore in hopes that we may find answers and solutions to the root cause of her daily pain and limitations.

After 3 months of therapy sessions 3 times a week, I can see many positive changes in mom. Michael listens to moms goals in the beginning and he patiently works within her abilities to achieve them. After 2 months, she folded up her wheelchair and stored it out of site and now only uses the assistance of a rollator to walk. He encourages her to lead a more active lifestyle and to try to return to doing the activities that she previously enjoyed.

Mom is proud of the progress she has made and our family is grateful for the positive experience we have had with Dynamic Transition.”

Megan G.

“I am so glad I came across the Dynamic Transitions page and looked into the services further. I was not able to drive my dad out to group exercise classes due to my own work schedule so having Mike visit my dad in his home is a huge benefit. We had already seen the difference in my dad’s movement abilities when he is not on a regular program versus when he is exercising regularly, so having Mike do one on one sessions with my dad was a huge improvement over the past year and half since he attended group classes. Having Mike work through a series of therapeutic and specific exercises is so beneficial to keeping him mobile and functioning as best he can as he deals with Parkinson’s disease. We are grateful to have found Dynamic Transitions.”

Jim R.

“I would like to unhesitatingly recommend Michael Hildebrand as a mobility advisor and expert. I have used his skills and experience to keep myself mobile and healthy despite several physical challenges. A few years ago, I started to develop back problems after retiring from the Army. This was soon complicated by suffering two, fortunately minor strokes, which only made my back problems worse. My sharp eyed wife spotted Dynamic Transitions ad in a local newspaper and we set up an initial meeting at our home. Mike coming to you for sessions was a good step. We discussed my situation and goals and his focus and experience. Mike’s good efforts and professional abilities have kept me mobile despite several dire assessments and warnings from the medical professionals.”

Donald & Susie F.

“Michael Hildebrand has done a marvelous job with our son. Our son is very hypertonic across his upper back, shoulders and arms. Michael has massaged and stretched his arms to the point that he is assisting, though minimally, in pushing his arms through sleeves. They have worked on his walking and Donald had improved tremendously, very seldom dragging his feet now. They are also working on rolling over and we are pleased to say that he can roll over in bed now without assistance. We highly recommend Michael to anyone who had mobility challenges. You will be highly pleased with the results.”

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